T: 01825 830421
M: 07805 102005

Badgers Mead Farm
Heathfield Road
Five Ashes, Mayfield
East Sussex TN20 6JJ

E: claire@badgersmeadfarm.co.uk


Why KellyBronze?

A KellyBronze turkey is more than a breed - it is a philosophy...


Order for Christmas

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Essential Cooking Tips..

KellyBronze turkeys mature over several months so cooking times are faster...

KellyBronze turkeys are the best turkeys money can buy.

Our turkeys are reared naturally and slowly in the beautiful East Sussex countryside where they are allowed to roam free over several acres of woodland.
Once you have tasted a KellyBronze, we guarantee you’ll never want to try another bird.

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