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Badgers Mead Farm
Heathfield Road
Five Ashes, Mayfield
East Sussex TN20 6JJ

E: claire@badgersmeadfarm.co.uk

Free Range Eggs

Free range chickens on the farm

Freedom Food and Lion Brand Certified

In 2008 we began farming FREE RANGE EGGS and now have a flock of 28,000 hens. We have 25 acres of beautiful woodland planted with 6,500 trees which is the perfect environment for free range hens. It is such a lovely setting that Freedom Foods have asked us if they can come to us and film our hens on the range. The birds have total freedom to roam from dawn until dusk and at night they sleep in 4 large hen houses.

We pack the eggs every day and they are collected twice a week for grading and distribution. Not all our eggs go for grading and to the supermarkets so we also sell our lovely eggs locally to hotels, pubs, restaurants and schools and at our farm door.

Please come to the farm door where you can help yourself to as many eggs as you like and pop the money in the box. We trust your honesty.