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Badgers Mead Farm
Heathfield Road
Five Ashes, Mayfield
East Sussex TN20 6JJ

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Don’t miss out on your turkey for Christmas... Order online now!

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to collect your KellyBronze turkey. You can collect your order from Badgers Mead Farm or at a number of collection points in Sussex, Surrey and Kent including Berwick near Alfriston, Crawley, Horsham, Kingston, Reigate, Redhill or Tonbridge

It's easy to order on line and choose how and when you would like to collect your turkey.

Whole Turkeys
2- 12kg
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Breast Roast
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Stuffed Breast
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Additional Products

Turkey and hot redcurrant jelly sausages
Low fat and full of flavour, made from our own free range KellyBronze turkey meat. £4.50 for a 400g pack available to order online or plenty available to pick up at the farm or collection point.

Jules & Sharpie Cranberry Sauce - £3.50 per jar (220g) - order online with your turkey order

Legs and Thighs
Please contact us direct to order these.

Large free range eggs
Badgers Mead Farm Free Range eggs from our own hens. £1.20 per ½ dozen or £6 per tray available at the farm or collection points. You can pick these up on the day of collection as we will not run out.

Methods of Payment

The payment balance is payable by cash or cheque upon collection.

Prices & Ordering Guide

As a general guide, order half a kilo (just over 1LB) per person when ordering whole turkeys, crown roasts and demi-bronzes. For breast roasts, the general guide is 250g per person.

Product Weight Serves Price
Whole Turkey 4.00 kg 4 - 6 £73.02 Order Now
Whole Turkey 5.00 kg 6 - 8 £80.48 Order Now
Whole Turkey 6.00 kg 8 - 10 £94.01 Order Now
Whole Turkey 7.00 kg 10 - 12 £101.47 Order Now
Whole Turkey 8.00 kg 12 - 14 £105.16 Order Now
Whole Turkey 9.00 kg 14 - 16 £117.38 Order Now
Whole Turkey 10.00 kg 16 - 18 £127.18 Order Now
Whole Turkey 11.00 kg 18 - 20 £139.40 Order Now
Whole Turkey 12.00 kg 20 - 22 £151.61 Order Now
Crown Roast 3.00 - 4.00kg 6 - 10 £61.84 Order Now
Crown Roast 5.00 - 6.00kg 10 - 12 £96.19 Order Now
Breast Roast 1.0 - 1.5 kg
£23.78 Order Now
Stuffed Breast Roast 1 - 1.5kg - £25.15Order Now
Turkey Mince 500g - £5.45Order Now
KellyBronze Turkey Sausages 400g - £4.50 per pack Order Now
Jules & Sharpie Hot Cranberry Sauce 220g - £3.50 Order Now

You can also pick up fresh free range eggs on the day of your collection. We always have plenty so we will not run out.